Sunday, February 3, 2019

My Dog

This is my dog Zak he is so friendly and sweet! He has big black eyes and soft black hair. I rescued him from a dog shelter in Queens two years ago. When I first brought Zak home he was very timid, because he was abused by his previous owners. He was very afraid of loud noises and too many people around him at once. After a few months he warmed up me and my family. He loves to play with all his toys, especially his stuffed pig. He is very active and loves to go on walks near the beach. With a lot of love and patience Zak has become the perfect addition to our family. Rescuing dogs or any animal from shelter is so rewarding. Rescuing Zak means he gets to be in a safe and loving home with people who care for him.

1. Dog shelter: a place where stray or abandoned dogs are placed and then can be adopted by families

2. Abused: hurt physically on purpose

3. Active: engaging in something physical, energetic or mobile

4. Rewarding: something that is satisfying or pleasing

5. Timid: easily scared or shy

6.  Patience: to be calm and take your time with a task

7. Rescue: save someone or something from a dangerous situation

Vocabulary activity:

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary word for each sentence below.

1. My dog was very _______________ at first he always got very nervous when a lot of people were around.

2. I went to the _________________ with my family to adopt my dog.

3. Having a pet is very ________________ because they bring you so much happiness.

4. I think it is very sad when an animal is ________________ causing harm to animal is never okay.

5. My dog is very ______________ he loves to run around my backyard and play fetch.

6. When you ____________ a pet it makes you feel good because you saved it from a dangerous situation.

Writing activity: Adjectives are words that describe nouns, such as shape, size, color, age or material.

Adjective examples: fluffy, hard, brown, loving, caring, beautiful

Directions: Circle all the adjectives in the paragraph above. Then use four of the adjectives you circled to make four new sentences.

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  1. We have three rescue cats from the Town of Oyster Bay Shelter. It is a good thing to rescue animals.
    Good grammar and vocabulary activities!