Sunday, February 3, 2019

Charleston, South Carolina

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One of my favorite trips I took with my friends was to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is a beautiful historic city with so many places to go and explore. When my friends and I visited we spent several days visiting historic sites, shopping, going to the beach, and of course eating delicious southern comfort foods. During our visit we made a stop at Boone Hall Plantation which was where the movie "The Notebook" was filmed. The tour we went on showed how slaves at that time lived in cabins and worked on the planation. The plantation also displayed beautiful gardens and a tour of the mansion. A place we all really enjoyed eating at was Hot Little Biscuit. This place is famous for there warm biscuits topped with jam or pimento cheese. They were so yummy! We also enjoyed a visit at Poogan's Porch where we tried their shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles, both were delicious. We ended our trip with a drive to Folly beach, which was located thirty minutes from the city. The beach had a beautiful boardwalk and the ocean water was extremely warm. Our trip to Charleston was a wonderful and fun experience.

Link to view the Boone Hall plantation:

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1. Plantation: a large farm or land area where a particular type of crop is grown.
2. Grits: similar to oatmeal, a dish of corn kernels mixed with milk or water that you eat
3. Biscuit: a small, round cake of bread
4. Boardwalk: a wooden walkway usually along a beach
5. Historic: famous/important in history
6. City: A place where people live that is larger than a town.
7. Slaves: a person who is legal property of another person

Vocabulary Exercise: 
Directions: Put the correct missing vocabulary word in the sentences below.

1. For breakfast I had a bowl of __________ it was warm and delicious!

2. I took a walk on a ______________ with my family. We watched the sunset over the ocean.

3. When I went to visit the ____________ there was large buildings and many people. It was much bigger than the town I live in!

4. Charleston is a very _____________ city there is so much important history that can be learned when visiting.

5. _______________ is a large area were crops are grown.

6. I ate a very buttery and soft ___________ it was so yummy.

7. ______________ were people who were looked at as property and treated very unfairly.

Writing Exercise:

-In your writing journal write a journal entry using the past tense about your favorite trip or place you visited.

*Past tense example: Last summer I visited Hawaii with my family.
*remember words that end with "ed" show past tense (visited). It shows something that has happened in the past.


  1. Taylor,

    I have always wanted to go to Charleston. The food and the beauty of it just intrigues me so much. Luckily in the next few weeks I will be visiting Savannah, Georgia which I feel like is very similar to Charleston. We will have to catch up with one another and discuss the amazing historical cities! I also really enjoyed your activities! They look very clear and supports English Language Learners in many ways.

  2. Great photos! It sound like you had a wonderful trip, Taylor! You have some very helpful exercises here too.