Sunday, February 3, 2019

Aladin on Broadway

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Over the summer I went a saw the musical Aladdin in New York City on Broadway. I loved seeing this musical since the original movie is one of my favorites. Aladdin is about a poor boy who finds a magical lamp with a genie inside. He gets three wishes from the genie when he rubs the magic lamp. He wishes to be turned into a prince in order to win over the heart of a beautiful princess named Jasmine. Aladdin is faced up against an evil villain character named Jafar. Jafar also wants to win over the heart of Jasmine. Princess Jasmine only has three days to find a prince to marry. The musical is filled with dancing, singing, and adventure!


1. Musical- A play or a movie where singing and dancing are the main part
2. Genie-a spirit in a folktale that is stuck inside a lamp and when released will grant you three wishes
3. Prince- A boy who is a royal ruler
4. Princess- A girl who is a royal ruler
5. Evil- Someone who is very bad or cruel
6. Broadway- a street in New York City that is known for famous restaurant and theaters to watch plays and musicals
7. Villain-A character who has evil actions or motives
Vocabulary exercise:

1. Write a sentence using the word musical:


2. Write two antonyms for the word evil:


3. Fill in the blank using one of the vocabulary words: Inside the magic lamp lived____________________ and when he came out out he was able to grant Aladdin three wishes.

4. Challenge* Can you think of another princess and prince from a musical, play or movie you watched? Write the names on the lines below:


Grammar point: Proper nouns are specific names for places, organizations, or people, they start with capital letters.

Examples of proper nouns: New York, Mary, McDonalds, Walt Disney, Tuesday

Grammar activity: In the paragraph below fix the nouns that should be proper nouns by making them have capital letters.

Last june I went on vacation to florida with my family. We arrived in Florida on a Monday and left by friday. During our vacation we went to the beach, swam in the pool, and ate at restaurants. We stayed at the hilton hotel which is located twenty minutes from epcot. Epcot is an amusement park filled with many different rides and games. I love going on vacation with my family!

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  1. Nice entry, Taylor! I like the paragraph for the capitalization activity. It is good to have students use rules in a context greater than a sentence.