Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fire Island

  One of my favorite places to visit and spend time is Fire Island. I spend a lot of my summer days taking the ferry from Bay Shore to the various towns in Fire Island. Some of the towns I enjoy spending time at are Ocean Beach, Kismet, Point o' Woods, and Ocean Bay Park. In these towns people enjoy laying on the beach, kayaking, swimming, eating at various restaurants, and shopping at unique boutique stores. The most fascinating thing for visitors is there is no cars. People can walk from town to town, ride a beach cruiser, or take a water taxi. Fire Island is very laid back place where people can relax and hangout with family and friends. Another great thing about Fire Island is taking a tour of the lighthouse which is a visible landmark of the Great South Bay.

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1. Kayaking: A narrow small boat that you can use in a ocean or lake. You use a paddle to help move the boat in the water.
2. Beach: Wide, flat patch of sand that leads down to the sea. 
3. Boutique: A small shop/store that typically sells clothing and jewelry. 
4. Water Taxi: a boat that transports people from place to place (ex: the different towns on Fire Island).
5. Lighthouse: A tower containing a light at the top to earn or guide ships at sea
6. Beach cruiser: A bicycle with larger tires that allow it to be ridden on the sand at the beach.
7. Ferry: A very large boat that carries people or cargo back and forth across a body of water.

Vocabulary exercise: Write a sentence for each vocabulary word and illustrate a picture.

Example: I rode my beach cruiser on the beach with my friends.

Writing activity: Write a paragraph using first person, describing why you would or would not want to visit Fire Island.

Example of first person: I would like to visit Fire Island so I could spend the day swimming at the beach.