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I love almost all sports, but basketball is definitely my favorite sport. Basketball is a sport played with two teams of five players on each team. Growing up I played basketball with my friends and family. Playing basketball taught me teamwork, hard work, and dedication. I am lucky enough to now coach a sixth grade basketball team in Baldwin. My favorite basketball team is the NewYork Knicks. My family and I love watching the Knicks play on television as well as at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Basketball has always been a big part of my life. I remember going to see my first live basketball as a child. I was amazed at how big the basketball court was. Basketball is a very fun, exciting, and fast paced game. I remember the stadium being packed out with cheering fans who were all wearing blue and orange.

1. Dedication: being committed to a task, give a lot of time to something
2. Stadium: a sports arena with many seats so people can watch a particular event or game
3. Teamwork: a group of people who work together towards the same goal or task
4. Hard work: Put a lot of effort into something so you can be successful
5. Players: A person who takes part in a game or sport
6. Fans: A spectator or person who watches a particular team and wants them to win

Vocabulary activity: Write about your favorite sport or a sport using four of the vocabulary words above.

Grammar activity: Change the verb tenses to the following words below. Adding -ed to a word means it took place in the past. Adding -ing to a word means it is happening in the present.

Example: play, playing, played
Verb:                         Past tense- ing                        Present tense- ed

1. watch
2. remember
3. cheer
4. take
5. look
6. wish
7. work

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  1. Many people enjoy watching sports. I like watching Olympic events, such as figure skating and swimming When my father was alive, we always watched football.
    I like the grammar and vocabulary activities.